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The WMA Advantage:

Demystifying the PEO Industry for YOU... Empowering Smarter Business Decisions.

Our process eliminates multiple sales meetings, simplifies the steps to find a PEO by streamlining applications for PEO quotes through a proprietary Strategy Review Application (SRA).

We achieve rapid approvals on quotes and provide ``Truth in PEO`` consulting. Leading the way to executive decisions based on the importance of specific components of the overall suite of products and services each Professional Employer Organization offers.


Find a PEO:

Our market is extensive, we maintain top-tier relationships with familiar PEO brands at both the National and Regional levels.

Business Needs Analysis

Our clients achieve their goals faster, by conducting a business needs analysis; we can then determine the best and most capable PEO, from a multi-faceted vantage point.

PEO Comparison:

Comparing competitive analysis on PEO proposals is complicated for even the brightest minds, and every business has different criteria. Our customized comparison empowers financial decisions down to specific carrier and plan designs with respect to employee benefit programs to be made quicker.

PEO Implementation:

The success of the PEO relationship is weighted heavily on the expectations that are set with regards to the workflow of the co-employment relationship. We maintain responsibility to the client company and the PEO for the life of the relationship and are here to assist in creating a beneficial working relationship instead of a transactional experience.

Popularity of PEO's

At the end of 2020, 487 companies were doing business as PEOs in the USA. Combined, they work with 173,000 companies and employ nearly 4 million worksite employees. Since 2009, the growth in companies partnering with PEOs has grown at an annual rate of 7.6%, even including the downturn during the pandemic. Today, over 15% of businesses with 10-99 employees are working with a PEO.

Million Worksite Employees


Thousand Companies are already PEO Clients


PEO Industry Revenue in Billions

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