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Strategic Workforce Management Planning:

The WMA Advantage

We demystify the PEO industry for you.
Empowering smarter business decisions.
It's simple, quick, and easy!

Save time & money from step one.
One Strategy Review Application (SRA).
Submitted to the market of available PEOs.
Then, when PEOs quote, we compare them for you.

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About Our Firm

Strategy Review Application

The Strategy Review Application (SRA) standardizes all of the PEO underwriting requests for information. You fill out one application for all PEOs and they provide quotes.

Business Needs Analysis

Our program uses simple process of elimination to figure out which PEO is best for your company! Based on the goals of your organization and the abilities of our partner PEOs we align the service provider that's best suited to earn your business.

PEO Matrix Analysis Report

Once quotes and proposals are generated by the PEOs we prepare a customized PEO Matrix Analysis Report which acts like a summary page to help you better navigate the financials and more effectively analyze the competitiveness of each PEO.

Implementation of a PEO

When you make an informed decision, implementation is smoother. We hold your hand and address concerns with the PEO through the on-boarding process to ensure a seamless transition.

What is a PEO?

It's 2017, You've probably heard the term PEO...
A PEO is one company that services payroll, worker's compensation, employee benefits, and HR.
It's streamlined, cost effective, and protective!
Many small to mid-sized businesses use a PEO.
The Current State of The PEO Industry:

Million Worksite Employees


Thousand PEOClients



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Here's how we demystify the PEO Industry and simplify the quoting process.
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Empowering you to make smarter business decisions with our PEO Matrix Analysis Report


Our SaaS based, On-Demand Software and E-Commerce services marketplace for the PEO Industry.

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